• Desing of a deterministic closed-loop supply chain model for a product, with returns in the same period and following period

      González Velarde, José Luis; Aguilera Garza, Héctor Eloy; Zavila Río, Daniel; Sánchez García, José Manuel (2017-12-04)
      The following work presents the study of a closed-loop supply chain problem, considering a single product with returns in the same period and in a subsequent period, considering only a deterministic model. The paper proposes a mixed integer mathematical model, which considers strategic and operational decisions, aimed at minimizing the expected total annual costs of the network considering different types of costs such as infrastructure costs, variable costs and operating profits. A computational experiment is presented in which the model is analyzed, the rate of return and recovery and the rescue value, and compared with another model created where the returns are only made within the same period.