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  • Framework for consistent generation of linked data: the case of the user's academic profile on the web

    Alvarado Uribe, Joanna
    Decision management is relevant for high-value decisions that involve multiple types of input data. Since the Web allows users to keep in touch with other users and likewise, share their data (such as features, interests, and preferences) with applications and devices to customize a provided service, the online data related to these users can be collected as input data for a decision-making process. However, these data are usually provided to the application or device used in a given time, causing three major issues: data are isolated when are provided to a specific entity, data are scattered in the network, and data are found in different formats (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured). Therefore, with the aim of supporting decision makers to make better decisions, in a certain scenario, the proposal to automatically unify, align, and integrate the user data concerning this scope into a centralized and standardized structure that allows, at the same time, to model the user's profile on the Web in a consistent and updated manner as well as to generate linked data from the integrated information is addressed. This is where Decision Support Systems, Semantic Web, and context-enriched services become the cornerstones of the computational approach proposed as a solution to these issues. Firstly, given the generality of fields that can constitute a user profile, the definition of a scope that allows validating the proposed approach is emphasized for this research work. Secondly, the proposal, development, and evaluation of the computational solutions that allow dealing with the data modeling, integration, generation, and updating consistently are highlighted in this research. Therefore, a study focused on the academic area is proposed for this work in order to support researchers and data managers at the institutional level in processes and activities concerning this area, specifically at Tecnologico de Monterrey. To achieve this goal, the design of an interdisciplinary, justified, and interoperable meta-schema (called Academic SUP) that allows to model the user's academic profile on the Web, as well as the development of a computational framework (named as AkCeL) that allows to integrate, generate, and update data into such a meta-schema consistently are proposed in this research work. In addition, in order to support researchers in their decision-making processes, the development of a recommendation algorithm (called C-HyRA) that allows providing a research areas list interesting for researchers, as well as the adoption of a visualization platform related to the academic area to present the information generated by AkCeL are put forward in this proposal. As a result, unified, consistent, reliable, and updated information of the researcher' academic profile is provided on the Web from this approach, in both text and graphics, through the VIVO platform to be consumed primarily by researchers and educational institutions to support their networks and statistics of collaboration/publication and research.
  • Reception of Multiple Users in Reconfigurable Wireless Networks

    Velázquez Gutiérrez, Juan Manuel
    The next generation of wireless networks (WNs) will confront important challenges pre- sented by the high density and convergence of wireless elements (WEs), their influence on our lifestyle, and the proliferation of new paradigms of wireless communication systems. Co- existence, mobility, and multiple access are some issues widely studied in order to ensure their operation. In this work. it is introduced a framework of WNs considering association schemes, networking, and coexistence aspects which are useful concepts to describe their fea- tures and the relationship among elements. Code division multiple access (CDMA) systems are considered as attractive models to future wireless communication systems (WCS) in order to affront the new and changing challenges. Traditional direct sequences - code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) and double codification division multiple access (C2DMA) models provide engaging features given that offer continuous access to the wireless channel to every user, i.e. they permit coexistence of multiple users at the same time. These models are interference limited systems what make them vulnerable to usual issues in dynamic networks such as the Near-Far problem, Hidden and exposed terminals interference, etc. However, C2DMA model has been shown addi- tional properties that makes it attractive to reconfigurable wireless networks (RWNs) due to its robustness to interference. It considers a double correlation technique which provides si- multaneous reception and motivates the study of sequences used as codes in order to increase their use and visualise some applications. This work considers current and new sets of codes through an exhaustive search of useful sequences for both models. First, desired properties are identified for each model, next known sequence sets are tested with these properties. After that, an exhaustive search algorithm is used in order to select and group sequences to form all the possible code sets with desired properties. Finally, these models are tested in challenging scenarios in order to examine their performance and persuade about their potential in future WNs.
  • Platelets contribute to hemostasis, thrombosis, and allergic airway inflammation via Munc13-4-dependent secretion

    Cárdenas Cantú, Eduardo Israel (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de MonterreyInstituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, 2018-11-01)
    With over 200 million affected individuals, asthma is the most common chronic respiratory disease in the world. One old observation that begs an explanation is the relationship between platelets, their activation, and the manifestations of asthma. Although platelets are mostly known for their crucial role in coagulation, a growing body of evidence indicates they also participate in asthma. Platelets store in their alpha, dense, and lysosomal granules multiple mediators; most of which are required for effective coagulation, but some have been shown to affect the main pathophysiologic mechanisms in asthma: airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR), migration and activation of eosinophils, and alterations in the airway epithelium. These granule contents are released upon activation via exocytosis, which depends on SNARE proteins and regulatory elements, such as Munc13 proteins. Because platelets express multiple isoforms of these proteins, it is possible that the exocytic components mediating the release of each type of platelet granule are unique. We proposed that by identifying the exocytic components associated with a single type of platelet granule, we could impair its release and study in vivo its role in asthma. We hypothesized that selective impairment of specific platelet granule subpopulations would alter the asthmatic response. With this in mind, we first identified the Munc13 paralogs expressed in platelets, and used loss-of-function models to test how each Munc13 protein participated in exocytosis of alpha, dense, and lysosomal granules. We then studied how the lack of a specific Munc13 protein affected platelet function in vitro and in vivo, using animal models of thrombosis and hemostasis. Finally, we studied platelet-specific knockout (KO) mice in an asthma model to test our hypothesis. We found that genetic deletion of Munc13-4 mostly impaired platelet dense granule release, which translated into a strong hemostatic defect, and that platelet-specific Munc13-4 KO mice had a reduction in airway hyperresponsiveness and eosinophilic inflammation in a model of asthma. Taken together, our results indicate that Munc13-4-dependent platelet secretion plays essential roles in hemostasis, thrombosis, and asthma.
  • Narrativas de reconocimiento y justicia en Red El videoactivismo por Ayotzinapa en YouTube

    Castillo-González, María Concepción
    La presente investigación identifica el impacto del reconocimiento intersubjetivo en la producción y dispersión del videoactivismo digital, al tomar como caso de estudio la producción cultural por Ayotzinapa en YouTube. La indagación se realizó durante 23 meses desde una aproximación filosófico-cultural que puso a dialogar a dos diferentes teorías del reconocimiento: la crítica de Axel Honneth y la del sentido común de Alfred Schütz. Se diseñó una metodología mixta de tres distancias de lectura hacia los datos: una lejana que analizó los patrones de 576 canales y 1138 vídeos; una cercana que analizó la representación en 184 audiovisuales y una íntima que escudriñó la experiencia fenomenológica reportada por 11 videoactivistas dispersos en cinco países. Los resultados muestran conexiones entre el nivel de reconocimiento alcanzado por el productor de sentido, la sostenibilidad de la protesta, la distancia crítica hacia la tecnología y la representación de la injusticia. A partir de estos hallazgos se propone un modelo de reconocimiento que integra tanto aspectos reflexivos como acríticos, un reconocimiento significativo compuesto por seis tipos de subjetividades. La investigación en su conjunto muestra la relevancia del reconocimiento intersubjetivo como dimensión ética del videoactivismo digital.
  • Senderos de la ética : administradores en acciones de ayuda

    Ramos Morales, Juan Mario; Juan Mario Ramos Morales
    Se propone indagar las diferentes rutas que los sujetos siguen en la configuración de la noción de ética profesional y la manera como esta noción es puesta en juego en la acción profesional de los administradores. El autor retoma las diferentes posiciones del yo en el trayecto de la investigación y con ello expone la estructura del documento: el yo profesional, el yo indagador, el yo teórico, el yo que hilvana, descose y tijeretea, y el yo que concluye... --Resumen h. XV.

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