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    • Analysis and experimental evaluation of the frequency response of an indoor radiating cable in the UHF band 

      Seseña Osorio, Jorge A.; Zaldívar Huerta, Ignacio E.; Aragón Zavala, Alejandro; Castañón Ávila, Gerardo A. (Springer Open, 10/02/2015)
      Abstract We present the modeling of the frequency response of the channel for a radiating cable system by using an autoregressive model for an indoor environment. The coefficients of the autoregressive model are determined ...
    • Identification of material properties using nanoindentation and surrogate modeling 

      Li, Han; Gutierrez, Leonardo; Toda, Hiroyuki; Kuwazuru, Osamu; Liu, WenliHangai, Yoshihiko; Kobayashi, Masakazu; Batres Prieto, Rafael (Elsevier, 2016)
      In theory, identification of material properties of microscopic materials, such as thin film or single crystal, could be carried out with physical experimentation followed by simulation and optimization to fit the simulation ...
    • MIMO channel capacity using antenna selection and water pouring 

      Cuan Cortes, Jose V.; Vargas-Rosales, Cesar; Munoz Rodriguez, David (Springer Open, 30/12/2014)
      Abstract The use of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems has attracted considerable attention due to capacity and performance improvements without increasing the required bandwidth or transmission ...