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Recent Submissions

  • Modifying the test of understanding graphs in kinematics

    Zavala G. (The American Physical Society, 2017-08-31)
    In this article, we present several modifications to the Test of Understanding Graphs in Kinematics. The most significant changes are (i) the addition and removal of items to achieve parallelism in the objectives (dimensions) of the test, thus allowing comparisons of students’ performance that were not possible with the original version, and (ii) changes to the distractors of some of the original items that represent the most frequent alternative conceptions. The final modified version (after an iterative process involving four administrations of test variations over two years) was administered to 471 students of an introductory university physics course at a large private university in Mexico. When analyzing the final modified version of the test it was found that the added items satisfied the statistical tests of difficulty, discriminatory power, and reliability; also, that the great majority of the modified distractors were effective in terms of their frequency selection and discriminatory power; and, that the final modified version of the test satisfied the reliability and discriminatory power criteria as well as the original test. Here, we also show the use of the new version of the test, presenting a new analysis of students’ understanding not possible to do before with the original version of the test, specifically regarding the objectives and items that in the new version meet parallelisms. Finally, in the PhysPort project (, we present the final modified version of the test. It can be used by teachers and researchers to assess students’ understanding of graphs in kinematics, as well as their learning about them.
  • The mechanical waves conceptual survey: An analysis of university students' performance, and recommendations for instruction

    Barniol P. (Modestum, 2017-01-01)
    The Mechanical Waves Conceptual Survey (MWCS), presented in 2009, is the most important test to date that has been designed to evaluate university students' understanding of four main topics: propagation, superposition, reflection, and standing waves. In a literature review, we detected a significant need for a study that uses this test as an assessment tool and presents a complete analysis of students' difficulties on the test. This article addresses this need. We administered the MWCS at a private university in Mexico to 541 students. In this article, we present a complete description of these students' performance on the test, a description of their main difficulties, an elaboration of these main difficulties in terms of students' inappropriate conceptions, and recommendations for instruction based on the results obtained by the test. Our analyses may be used by instructors and researchers who intend to use the MWCS or create new instructional material.
  • Bilateral Image Subtraction and Multivariate Models for the Automated Triaging of Screening Mammograms

    Celaya-Padilla J.; Martinez-Torteya A.; Rodriguez-Rojas J.; Galvan-Tejada J.; Treviño V.; Tamez-Peña J.
  • Control of an automotive semi-active suspension

    Lozoya-Santos J.D.J.; Morales-Menendez R.; Ramrez Mendoza R.A.

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