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  • Fantasticidad, encuentros con lo monstruoso e identidades inestables en dos novelas mexicanas: Patricia Laurent Kullick y Guadalupe Nettel

    Zermeño Vargas, Carlos Gerardo
    Este trabajo explora desde tres vertientes, lo fantástico, los estudios sobre lo monstruoso y la identidad, dos novelas mexicanas escritas por mujeres y publicadas en los primeros años del siglo XXI: El camino de Santiago, de Patricia Laurent Kullick y El huésped, de Guadalupe Nettel. Se ofrece una propuesta analítica sobre lo fantástico que vincula las teorías latinoamericanas con los estudios norteamericanos sobre la ficción, postulando un marco interpretativo sistémico, donde los hechos imposibles tienen repercusiones en el mundo representado en la obra, particularmente en cuanto a la identidad que ostentan los protagonistas. Así, y para ofrecer una propuesta alternativa a las corrientes de estudios de lo fantástico que ve en ciertos temas la "pérdida de la identidad", se plantea la "identificación con lo monstruoso" como el motor principal de un proceso de construcción y reconstrucción del yo.
  • Control charts for autocorrelated processes under parameter estimation

    Garza Venegas, Jorge Arturo
    Statistical Processes Monitoring is a collection of statistical-based methodologies and methods for monitoring the quality of manufactured products or services. Within these tools, control charts are powerful ones to assist practitioners on the detection of departures from in-control situations as long as the assumptions made on their design are fulfilled; otherwise, their power might decrease. For instance, control charts performance has been shown to be negatively affected when using estimated parameters (in which case the Average Run Length, ARL, becomes a random variable) or when dealing with autocorrelated data. Given that, this research is focused on the effect of parameter estimation on the performance of the X-bar and the modified S^2 control charts for monitoring the mean and the variance, respectively, of autocorrelated processes under parameter estimation. The average of the ARL and its standard deviation are considered as performance measures as they take into account the sampling variability of the ARL. Furthermore, a bootstrapping methodology is applied to adjust control limits in order to have a guaranteed conditional in-control performance with a certain probability and the effect on the out-of-control ARL is also studied.
  • Relationship between physical and acoustical parameters for road surface characterization

    Leos Suárez, Jesús Rodrigo
    An acoustic system for automated road surface conditions detection from acoustic signals of surface interaction is introduced. The aim of this work is to obtain different characteristics of the roadway surface by which the vehicle is circulating, to analyze its texture, friction and other characteristics related to the road surface with anticipation so that this information could be used in future automotive safety applications. The advantages of using an acoustic device compared with other current technologies is the low cost of the equipment and its portability. The robustness of our approach is evaluated on audio that span an extensive range of vehicle speeds, noises from the environment, road surface types, and pavement conditions including international friction index (IFI) values from 0 km/hr to 100 km/hr. The training and evaluation of the model were performed on different roads to minimize the impact of environment and other external factors on the accuracy of the classification. The results showed that there is a correlation between what we measured with the mechanical systems and what we obtained as a reply from the acoustic system. The hypothesis is that with the application of an acoustic device that characterizes the pavement in real time, future automotive applications such as adjusting the ABS system automatically in an optimal range of braking, showing a warning indicator light on the dashboard, or improving the driving decision making of autonomous cars will be possible by having prior information of the slippery surface conditions in which the vehicle transits.
  • Effects of sound on growth, viability, protein production yield and gene expression in Escherichia coli.

    Acuña González, Edgar
    The effect of sound on biological systems is a subject that has been previously explored, mainly in relation to its use to increase agricultural production. However, the potential of this phenomenon has not been exploited properly because present studies have focused only on one or two sound elements for the characterization of their biological effects. In this sense, the effects of other sound wave elements have been overlooked. In the present work, the effects of frequency, amplitude, duration, intermittence and pulse - individually and in combination - were characterized in Escherichia coli through the measurement of its biomass, viability and yield production of recombinant protein. The treatments of frequency and duration increased the concentration of biomass in 19% and 44% respectively at time 24 h; however, high variability was observed in both treatments. The amplitude treatment had a significant effect on the viability, which the duration of the exponential phase was doubled. The intermittency treatment increased the yield of recombinant protein 1.5 times without significant contribution of the other sound elements. Based on this observation, the effect that intermittency could have on the upregulation of the expression of genes involved in the production of recombinant proteins was investigated. The RNA of three candidate genes (BarA, CheA and CpxR) was quantified in the presence of an intermittent sound. All genes were upregulated (1.38, 2.66 and 1.33 times respectively); however, only upregulation related to chemotaxis (CheA) was statistically significant. Finally, an omnidirectional sound source was adapted to small-volume commercial bioreactors to characterize the distribution of sound within the container. It was determined that the implementation of sound induction in a commercial bioreactor is feasible, although limited to certain specific frequencies close to 500 and 1000 Hz. The integral nature of this characterization presents a deeper understanding of bacterial systems and also offers a way through which it is possible to explore its application for industrial purposes.
  • Métodos heurísticos para el problema de asignación de trabajadores y balanceo de líneas de ensamblaje

    Ramos Torres, Lucía Anabel
    Some types of distribution in assembly lines of manufacturing process begin as an assembly balancing problem of a certain type. In this work we propose two different algorithms based on two different methods to find a solution to the ALWABP (Assembly Line and Worker Assignment Balancing Problem) which is a generalization of the simple assembly line problem where workers assignment is introduced as a new problem for the balancing problem. Task times in this problem depends on each worker and in some cases one worker will not be capable of perform some task. The first method developed in this work is based on a GRASP metaheuristic combined with a VND metaheuristic as part of the first one. The second method is based on a Matheuristic combining a metaheuristic with an exact method. The experimental results shown in this paper are promising for the second model, due to the improvement obtained in the objective function value, in many of the instances evaluated of the different families. Therefore, the proposed model is competitive and efficient in comparison to previous methods found in the literature and exact approaches for this problem.

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